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  1. Chuck MacDonald

    Hi I see you have a contra dance scheduled on the 20th. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but we have a square dance scheduled for the same evening at EP Annapolis, just up the road from you at 710 Ridgely Rd.
    It’s an event for singles and we need to get a caller reserved. Do you know any callers we could contact? Also, you are welcome to join our event if you wish.

    Chuck MacDonald

    1. afmadmin Post author

      Hi Chuck – thanks for contacting us. Annapolis Friends Meeting is the venue where this event is held, but it is sponsored by the Annapolis Traditional Dance Society: http://www.contradancers.com/atds/. Their contact info is listed at the bottom of their webpage, or if you like we can put you in direct contact with them.


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